Purple Sunset in Miami – SUZANNE BLAUSTEIN at Nina Torres Fine Art

Nina Torres Fine Art

Jul. 4, 2024 - Jul. 10, 2014

1800 North Bayshore Drive
Miami, Florida


In the heart of Miami Downtown, just a few Metromover stops away from the new Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), Nina Torres Fine Art reflects the urban landscape of Miami and responds to the city’s rapid growth as a cultural destination. The gallery manager has established the first waterfront gallery in the heart of Downtown Miami, in what it promises to be Miami’s true cultural destination: the Miami Arts & Entertainment District.

The 8,000 square feet gallery space across the street of Margaret Pace Park is located at 1800 North Bayshore Drive, in a high-rise building adorned with fountains and with breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach and the Port of Miami.

Nina Torres International Exhibition is an event curated by Paul Cabezas, featuring painting, sculpture, installation, photography, performances and mixed media art of international artists.

The juried show is an important event for all collectors and art lovers providing an intimate look at some of the most emerging artists of the international contemporary art movement.

A lifelong fascination with painting, sculpture, installation shapes the work of Suzanne Blaustein. The artworks Grand Canyon, Spaghetti and Purple Sunset were selected to show at Nina Torres Fine Art in Miami.

In reviewing her artistic concept, the New York based artist explains the meaning behind her series:

“My career as an artist has been a journey in creation of art in multiple mediums always experimenting with all types of media. I create fabric sculptures on painted canvas. My fingers move the fabrics around the canvas arranging them side by side and layering them. I twist them and paint them. The fabrics are a celebration of colors, patterns and textures. I imagine something and go after it until I see it materialize. In essence it is a dialogue between my thoughts, the fabric and the painted canvas.”

Suzanne Blaustein has exhibited in various exhibitions, among them Gallery Suzanne Tribeca NY, Agora Gallery NY, Museum of Art in Roslyn Long Island, Pen and Brush NYC, Framma International Inc. Her work is represented permanently by Monserrat Contemporary Gallery New York.

During her artistic career she received a Showcase Award from the National Art League and 30 Artists/ 30 Years an International Competition of over 600 artists, moreover the Red Dot Award (best in class) and the Blue Dot Award from Art Students League.

Suzanne Blaustein was written up in Gallery & Studio Magazine, Arte News Publications, Artis Spectrum Magazine, National Graphic Travelers Magazine. She studied at Art Students League, Fashion Institute of Technology and completed her studies when she was visiting the Nassau County Museum of Art and the Art Museums in New York.

At Nina Torres Fine Art Suzanne Blaustein presents a self-reflective and autobiographical approach to her artistic practice. Placing the process of painting and installation, she attempts to examine her concept to focus the relationship between color, form, texture and space. Her fabrics intend to celebrate the interplay of textures, patterns and colors. The viewer is taken into the illusion of a landscape, Grand Canyon or Purple Sunset.

Through the interplay of collaging, off-collaging and layers of paint, Suzanne Blaustein manages to fill spaces with light and shadow. By evoking contrasts between light and dark, with different structures, she is creating both transparency and depth in the image space and installation.

What appears to be a painting is in fact a deeply study of texture and color. What makes this work unique is the method how Suzanne Blaustein creates a space between illusion and figuration, it is a hommage to the essence of nature.

1800 North Bayshore Drive,
CP1 Miami, FL. 33132
Phone: +01.305.395.3599
[email protected]

Operation Hours:
Monday – Friday: 11am – 6pm
Saturday: 12 – 5pm

About the Artist:
Website Suzanne Blaustein

Permanent Pesentation at:
Monserrat Contemporary Gallery, NYC

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