Purely Pastel

Federation of Canadian Artists

May. 12, 2024 - May. 24, 2015

1241 Cartwright Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6H 4B7


The Federation of Canadian Artists is pleased to host “Purely Pastel”, an exhibition entirely in the pastel medium by the Pastel Artists of Canada between May 12th and 24th.

About the Pastel Artists of Canada

Our aim is to promote public appreciation of the renaissance in Dry Pastel, to improve the skills of artists working in this fine art medium and to promote fellowship among pastel artists.
To that end, we paint together, indoors and out. We sponsor workshops led by well-known international instructors and our own experienced member-teachers.

PAC sponsors two exhibitions a year: an Open Juried Show, and an unjuried Members-only Show. The locations of these shows vary from year to year. This web site, www.pastelartists.ca, and our colourful quarterly Newsletter “Purely Pastel”, which is available to members in a high-quality paper edition or by email, are both kept well stocked with member news, educational information about pastel and opportunities available to pastel artists.

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