Permanent Collection and Exhibitons

Saint Louis Art Museum

Jan. 8, 2024 - Dec. 30, 2027

1 Fine Arts Drive
St Louis, Missouri 63110
Phone 314.721.0072

…following quote taken from the Saint Louis Art Museum website.

 “The Saint Louis Art Museum collects, presents, interprets, and conserves works of art of the highest quality across time and cultures; educates, inspires discovery, and elevates the human spirit; and preserves a legacy of artistic achievement for the people of St. Louis and the world.

The Saint Louis Art Museum was founded in 1879, at the close of a decade that saw the establishment of art museums in great cities across the eastern half of the United States. This Museum’s comprehensive collections bear witness to the inspirational and educational goals to which its founder aspired and the moral and democratic imperatives he embraced. What began as a collection of assorted plaster casts, electrotype reproductions, and other examples of “good design” in various media rapidly gave way to a great and varied collection of original works of art spanning five millennia and six continents. Today the quality and breadth of the Museum’s collection secure for it a place among the very best institutions of its kind.

The Saint Louis Art Museum recently accepted into its collection 225 works of art from the collection of the late C.C. Johnson Spink and Edith “Edie” Spink. The gift includes superb works by American artists and more than 200 works of Asian art that range from Chinese ceramics from the Neolithic period to works from Meiji-period Japan.”

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