Maryhill Museum Permanent Collection

Maryhill Museum of Art

Jan. 7, 2024 - Dec. 31, 2027

35 Maryhill Drive
Goldendale, Washington 98620
Phone (509) 773-3733

…following quote taken from the Maryhill Museum of Art website.  “The permanent collection represents the eclectic taste of the founder, Samuel Hill, and the network of friends that he cultivated in his quest to turning the castle on the Columbia River into a world-class art museum. Among these friends, the modern dancer Loïe Fuller provided the genesis of the collection including several works of her friend Auguste Rodin. …

The collection of art and artifacts of the indigenous people of North America began with a collection of baskets acquired by Sam Hill and continues to grow through purchases and gifts and represents nearly every basket making tradition and style in North America and works of art from prehistoric through contemporary.”

For more information please visit the Maryhill Museum of Art website.

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