Permanent Collection and Art

The University of Montana Museum of Art and Culture

Jan. 1, 2024 - Dec. 31, 2027

32 Campus Drive
Missoula, Montana 59812
Phone (406) 243-0211

…following quote taken from The University of Montana Museum of Art and Culture website.  “The MMAC Permanent Collection, begun in 1895, includes nearly 11,000 objects. Acquisitions to the Permanent Collection include a wide range of art and artifacts of significant quality from various periods, cultures, countries and categories, including the work of living artists.

The core holdings of MMAC’s Permanent Collection include works of art that describe the aesthetic development of the Rocky Mountain west, historic European works, Southeast Asian collections, American Impressionist works, contemporary Native American art, important ceramics works and public art sited across the campus.  Permanent Collection holdings are also on loan to other Montana institutions including the Charles W. Clark Chateau in Butte, the Daly Mansion in Hamilton, the Conrad Mansion in Kalispell and the Federal Reserve Bank in Helena.

The MMAC Permanent Collection includes European masters such as Rembrandt Van Rijn, Gerrit Dou, Honoré Daumier, Eugene Delacroix, Jean-Louis André Théodore Géricault, Jean-Léon Gérôme, Jean-François Millet, Virgilio Narcisso Diaz de la Pena, Abraham van Strij, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, François Boucher, the Master of St. Gregory and others.”

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