Paint & Metal: Mahsan Ghazianzad and Grant Miller

City of Reno Public Art Gallery

Mar. 6, 2024 - Apr. 21, 2017

1 E. First St.
Reno, 89503
Phone (775) 334-6264

Metro Gallery in City Hall hosts Mahsan Ghazianzad and Grant Miller’s joint exhibition. Ghazianzad’s expressive abstract compositions seek to demonstrate emotions, thoughts, and sensations; they marry seamlessly to Miller’s three-dimensional sculptures, provoking thought, laughter, and wonder. The works being shown include Ghazianzad’s large-scale paintings, and Miller’s brightly colored. salvaged-parts metal sculptures.

The two seemingly opposite abstract pieces are tied together coherently with the expressive and authentic use of color, mediums, and concepts. Using its abstract imagery, the works deal with ideas of truth and exploration of emotions.

Mahsan Ghazianzad was born in Tehran, Iran, and completed her Masters in Fine Arts degree at the University of Nevada, Reno, in May 2016. Much of her work carries intimate meaning, capturing the essence of her experiences through her paintings, including personal history and philosophies.

Grant Miller was raised in rural South Dakota and Minnesota, at first having a career in academic medicine. He expressed interest in the art field early on, establishing an art gallery within the medical school he attended, as well as attending a variety of art classes and designing and building furniture. Toward the end of his career, he began studying welding and metalworking extensively.

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