Overlap: Life Tapestries

HUB-Robeson Galleries

Sep. 17, 2024 - Nov. 15, 2018

241 HUB-Robeson Center
University Park, 16802
PHONE 212.964.6007


The HUB-Robeson Galleries are proud to host Overlap: Life Tapestries, curated by Vida Sabbaghi, in the Robeson Gallery September 17 through November 15, 2018. This group exhibitions features the work of Linda Stein and others.

Overlap: Life Tapestries brings together a group of self-identified women artists whose artistic practices are richly charged, not only in their realization of the ways discrimination is characterized and informed by national origin, race, social position, and historical forces, but also in their understanding of how their socially inscribed bodies intersect.

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