“Other Galaxies” by Freddie Elton

City Gallery

Dec. 3, 2024 - Dec. 31, 2016

994 State Street
New Haven, 06511
(203) 782-2489


This series is the most simple I have made. Dry point on cardboard plates involves only one mark-maker (a diamond tipped scribe) and a polyurethane covered sheet of cardboard, either hot or cold pressed. I found that hot-pressed worked best for my work. The challenge for me was to create mass and form, light and dark, without resorting to any other instruments, brushes or colored medium. While I began the work with completely abstract intentions, I found many suggestions of familiar creatures insinuating themselves into the plates. These familiar details seemed to me to have come from other life-forms, thus the title.

   Oculus  Carborundum monotype 11 x 14 

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