Stephan Fine Arts Original Oils

Stephan Fine Arts Gallery

Jan. 8, 2024 - Dec. 30, 2027

939 West Fifth Avenue
Anchorage, Alaska 99501
Phone (907) 274-5009

…following quote taken from the Stephan Fine Arts Gallery website.  “Stephan Fine Arts is the culmination of years of Pat & Pam Stephan’s collecting of eclectic international artwork, and in 1977, Stephan Fine Arts opened its doors! The gallery, inside the Hotel Captain Cook between the Whale’s Tail Bar and front desk, is now run by Pat & Pam’s daughter, Becky, who is the sole owner /curator/director, and her husband, John Gurney (who started his gallery career on Front Street in Maui at the age of 17). John handles the framing and shipping. Showcasing primarily Alaskan artwork, Becky has continued in her parents direction, incorporating some national artist’s works as well, and new talent is always on their radar. After 37 years, Stephan Fine Arts continues to be the epitome of a family-run small business.”

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