On Kyeong Seong – A Solo Exhibition

The Zeitgeist Gallery

Jan. 24, 2024 - Mar. 15, 2015

222 Cabot Street
Beverly, Massachusetts 1915


The Zeitgeist Gallery’s 2014 Emerging Artist Award Winner: On Kyeong Seong will have a solo exhibition at The Zeitgeist Gallery in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Ms. Seong writes in her Artist Statement: “The abstraction in my painting reflects the process of scientific observation and my investigation of microorganisms, cell biology, cytopathology, and the world of flora and fauna. I use these biomorphic subject forms in my work in combination with organic-ornamental compositions, which I then translate into the visual language of abstract painting […] My works traverse space between collage making, painting, and stitching with a sewing machine. The abstract paintings serve as the base of my artworks, the painting cutouts strengthen the imagery by combining my previous ideas with new ones, and the thread produces a texture and a distinctive feature that develops the images naturally and makes possible the expression of automatism and gestural movements in the magnificent natural world.”

Please attend our Gallery Reception on Saturday, Jan. 31st, 1-5PM at the gallery. Open to the public.

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