DACIA Gallery

Nov. 2, 2024 - Dec. 8, 2017

53 Stanton St.
New York, 10002
PHONE 917-445-5243


Dacia Gallery is pleased to present Object, a solo exhibition of recent work by Erin Anderson. Erin is a realist artist whose oils portray the human figure ensconced in biomorphic copper abstractions. Her work explores modern paradigms of human relationships to one another and the environment. Secondary themes in her work explore modern issues of gender, identity and body image. Women have long been the focus of figurative artists throughout history. Often stripped of their natural identity they are expected to embody societal ideals and abstract philosophies. This exhibition seeks to address that thinking by showcasing ten individual portraits of women, including a self-portrait of the artist, who are not meant to represent anything other than themselves. This show examines our inherent struggles with female objectification and offers a presentation of the female nude, as she is, representing only what she wants, and asking the viewer to be accepting.

For more info visit: www.daciagallery.com

Dacia Gallery

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