Now You Know by Emilie Duval

Fort Worth Community Arts Center

Aug. 2, 2024 - Aug. 21, 2019

1300 Gendy St
Fort Worth, 76107
PHONE (817) 738-1938

RECEPTION: Friday, August 2, 2019 @ 6 PM – 9 PM

I have always been fascinated by how societies evolve around economics.

In this current show, I present how algorithms, within the trend of societal optimization and productivity, redesign our environment. I create futuristic architectures of cities, borders and private spaces modeled by algorithms to envision the multiple layers of our upcoming societies. The paintings present the thematics of housing (Property and Despair), cities (The Island I and II), immigration (The Oracle at the Gates and The Dystopian Tents) and philosophy (Plato’s Corridor and Reflective Trap) to create a visual connection and a questioning towards those subject matters in the future.

The paintings depict a combination of shapes, texts extracted from researches and drawings to represent the multiple layers of societies and their complexity. On the foreground waves are painted to symbolize the imperceptible changes of societies made by algorithms.

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