“Nouveau Noir: New works of Abigail Poplin”

Bissell Atelier

Jun. 26, 2024 - Sep. 17, 2015

625 Baronne Street
New Orleans , Louisiana 70130


Bissell Atelier is thrilled to present the stunning portraiture work of artist Abigail Poplin with the new show “Nouveau Noir” at Niki Walker Salon, running from June 26- Sept 27, 2015.

Haven’t seen the show yet? Stop by Niki Walker’s 625 Baronne Street at Girod during normal business hours and until 8pm Fridays. Email Bissell Atelier for a private viewing.

Exhibition runs through September. Closing ART PARTY is September 17th!

Poplin’s work is ethereal and phantasmic, luring in the viewer with images of entrancing femme fatales and vampy sirens. With inspirations drawn from the periods of Pre-Raphaelite to Art Nouveau to campy Retro pin-ups, she expresses women’s ancient and eternal control over the sexual realm in “Nouveau Noir.” Find out more at www.bissellatelier.com and social media @bissellatelier !

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