New Works

Walker Fine Art

Feb. 5, 2024 - Mar. 14, 2015

300 W. 11th Ave. #A
Denver, Colorado 80204

Walker Fine Art proudly presents “New Works” Featuring Peter Illig,
Back Gallery: Ben Strawn, Chris DeKnikker & Kellie Cannon
Opening Reception Thursday, February 5th, 5-9 PM
Exhibit runs through March 14.

In this exhibition, Peter Illig searches for and uses images from the past to comment on contemporary society. The images become metaphors for interactions between men and women, and for our constant search for meaning in our lives; they also touch upon our darker motivations, our “shadow side”, and the sometimes hidden reasons we act as we do.

“Blindfolded people are not handicapped but must rely on other senses to guide them. Most importantly, they must depend on intellect, since vision is hindered. Also, because art is visual, it points to doubts we may have about vision as “truthful” and as a guide to meaning.” Peter Illig

The back half of the gallery will be a three person group show with the artists: Ben Strawn (acrylic paintings), Chris DeKnikker (mixed media wall reliefs) and Kellie Cannon (mixed media paintings).

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