New Horizon

Able Fine Art NY

Jul. 30, 2024 - Aug. 12, 2014

511 West 25th Street, Suite # 607
New York , New York 10001
1 212-675-3057

Able Fine Art NY Gallery pleased to present the refined jewelry sculptures of Jiwon Han. She has worked in the fields of metal craft and jewelry design for over 20 years. Her delicate and visually inspiring sculpture expresses human emotion as motion with her unique approach to space and materials.

Han’s sculptures delicately manipulate Silver and Plexiglas with a focus on human emotion. She emphasizes the importance of a genuine partnership between the spiritual world and earthly existence. As she states, she strives “to become one with human emotion and motion.”

Inspired by minimalism, the form of her work consists of simplicity, purity and clarity, yet in a way it gracefully flows with kinetic movement. With an implicit tension and harmony between opposing elements, she conveys the intricacy of human emotion. The subtle curves and knots open a window on the landscape of human existence. The road of happiness, sorrow and joy is mirrored in the sway of the sculptural path.

Her extensive knowledge and skill in metalsmithing and jewelry design are evident in the way she is able to gently form her medium to maintain its integrity and purity while creating something with a sense of balance and harmony. For Han, the process of creating her work is the “practice of becoming one with works, mind and viewer,” and she would like to share the emotion of her work and mind with the viewers.

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