Nadim ABBAS and Tuo WANG:Only the Lonely

inCube Arts

Jul. 9, 2024 - Jul. 30, 2016

314 West 52nd St., #1
New York, 10019

inCube Arts SPACE is delighted to announce our current exhibition Nadim ABBAS and Tuo WANG:Only the Lonely, which features recent video and mixed-media work. The exhibition is on view from July 9 – 30, 2016 at our Midtown space, 314 W 52nd St #1, New York 10019.

To live in this hermetic space, behind concrete walls intertwined with hives of data. The imagined boundaries of the material world pierced by the illusion of progress. Like a chameleon or a moth, you merge with your surroundings, wondering if there is some cosmic order that compelled you to assume this guise, if the room is to blame, or your brain.

One look at the screen, and all your friends have turned into different shades of the same wallpaper. You can’t recognize them. You can’t be recognized. You are isolated while at the same time overwhelmingly surrounded. Your thoughts are bathed in the luminous flow of collective consciousness. You have learnt from your archive, this place that exists on the other side of your senses. You drew nourishment from it and now function as its sole agent.

Consequently, you start to observe and experience all kinds of déjà vu, as with the process of convergent evolution, when it becomes difficult to tell a trochilidae from a macroglossum stellatarum. No matter which cultures you inhabit, there emerge the same ghosts, dragons, and gods. You have lost your ability to tell the truth, because the truth has its own split personality.

Your memory is the illegitimate child of Photoshop. It fills in images that your eye could not catch, so you will never have to know what was missed, even when it’s gone.

Nadim ABBAS & Tuo WANG
July, 2016 in Hong Kong, New York

Nadim ABBAS is a visual artist from Hong Kong. His work explores technologies of perception, culminating in the construction of complex set pieces where objects exist in an ambiguous relationship with their own image, and bodies succumb to the seduction of space. Abbas was awarded with the Asian Cultural Council Altius Fellowship and the HK Arts Development Award (Young Artist / Visual Arts) in 2014. Recent exhibitions include: 2015 Triennial: Surround Audience (New Museum, New York), Unseen Existence (HK Arts Centre), Tetraphilia (Third Floor Hermés, Singapore).

Tuo WANG is born and raised in Changchun, China. He currently lives and works in New York. Through his performative manipulation on individuals’ lived experiences and intervention in intellectual legacies,Wang’s practice attempts to examine the unreliable relationship between the contemporary human status, myth and cultural archive. In the self-referential environments that he constructs, dramatic, often humorous as well as absurd aspects of the concept of society are exposed.Wang has recently shown at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan, TEN Multimedia Center, Tirana, Albania, Gezira Art Center, Cairo, Egypt, IMA Film Society, India, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, HVCCA, NY, Residency Unlimited, NY and NARS Foundation, NY. Tuo Wang is currently an artist-in-residence at the Queens Museum.

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