Mythodical: Works by Eleen Lin and Tammie Rubin

C24 Gallery

Mar. 17, 2024 - May. 4, 2022

560 West 24th Street
New York, 10011
PHONE 646-416-6300

For our next exhibition, we are proud to present Mythodical, featuring work by Taiwanese-born painter Eleen Lin and African-American ceramic artist and educator Tammie Rubin. Lin’s body of work is a nearly decade-long project investigating the unlikely results of a series of mistranslations between English and Mandarin versions of the classic novel, Moby Dick. Rubin’s sculptures are fantastical totemic objects created from ubiquitous forms found in the visual language of modern consumer culture.

Both artists explore the evolution of myths that emerge through total immersion in mainstream narratives, their vision manifested through a deeply methodical and detailed creative process. Their respective identities offer additional layers of perspective about both the immigrant and ethnic minority experience in the United States, and how essential these points of view are to developing truths that cross both time and geographic boundaries. Together, their work points to a shift away from a culture that centers the majority experience and designates all other perspectives as “other,” while providing fascinating commentary on some of modern society’s most cherished myths and traditions.

Please note that we will still be asking for proof of vaccination before entry to the opening reception. We appreciate your cooperation, as we adapt to the latest changes in city regulations regarding Covid safety.

For more information about work by Eleen Lin or Tammie Rubin, please contact: [email protected].

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