My Paint Brush Narrative: Paintings by Olivia Kapoor

Agora Gallery

Dec. 5, 2024 - Dec. 6, 2017

530 West 25th St, Chelsea
NYC, 10001
PHONE 212-226-4151

Agora Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of American Inter-Dimensional, Visionary artist Olivia Kapoor’s pop-up, solo show entitled My Paintbrush Narrative: Paintings by Olivia Kapoor. The exhibition features 26 of Kapoor’s original paintings, and represents an exceptional culmination of the artist’s oeuvre.

Kapoor’s paintings offer ethereal meditations on the nature of time and emotion interpreted through color, geometry, and texture. Working in predominantly acrylic, oil, and pastel, the artist constructs highly saturated canvases that defy traditional, realist expressions of color. Kapoor imbues works such as Body in Water (2012) and The Watch (2008) with an all-over composition, bright, effervescent hues, and symbolic iconography. Her overall oeuvre blends contemporary painting techniques with the style of Surrealist and Impressionist masters such as Salvador Dali and Vincent Van Gogh, and Claude Monet. Kapoor describes her technique as “relaxed and meditative.” She explains: “My state of mind and how I feel emotionally contribute greatly to the work itself, how it comes together, and how long it takes…. The great thing about the end result
is that it is able to speak for itself, tell a story, communicate something to the viewer.” The artist’s compelling juxtaposition of pattern and texture are at once immersive and dynamic, thus inviting the viewer into the continuously evolving, dream-like world Kapoor cultivates through paint.

My Paintbrush Narrative: Paintings by Olivia Kapoor will be on view from December 5th-6th, 2017, with an opening reception on the evening of December 5th.

Exhibition Dates: December 5 – 6, 2017
Reception: Tuesday December 5, 2017 6-8 PM
Gallery Hours: Tues-Sat 11:00am – 6:00pm
Gallery Location: 530 West 25th Street, New York, NY

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