My Nevada in Black & White: Will Barber

Gallery East

May. 1, 2024 - Jun. 22, 2017

925 Riverside Dr
Reno, 89503
Phone (775) 334-6264

McKinley Arts & Culture Center: Gallery East
May 1st – June 16th, 2017
Reception: May 4th, 2017, 5-7pm

My Nevada in Black and White: Will Barber

Gallery East hosts scientifically and ecologically trained photographer Will Barber. His unique background, having a Masters of Science in zoology, and a Ph.D in ecology, gives Barber a distinct vision for photographing the beauty in nature. As an environmental scientist, Barber has a way of seeing the “ordered chaos” of our natural surroundings, and visually expresses this concept through focusing on single elements, and letting the viewer focus on the multiple aspects of the photographs.

Barber’s love and appreciation for the environment is evident in both his artwork and professional life. His multiple degrees and years of extensive research in the field of biology, zoology, and ecology led him to later develop his craft of photographing the complexity of nature, particularly Nevada.


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