My Little Boat of Sorrow

Rosamund Felsen Gallery

Jul. 12, 2024 - Aug. 9, 2014

Bergamot Station B4, 2525 Michigan Avenue
Santa Monica, California 90404

Reception: Sat, Jul 12, 5-7PM
“My Little Boat of Sorrow” is curated by artist Steven Hull and includes artworks by Tami Demaree, Alex Evans, Tanya Haden, Gibby Haynes, Allison Schulnik, Jim Shaw and Marnie Weber. The exhibition will feature large scale sculptures, drawings, video, sound and paintings. The works will explore the sentiment of sorrow which can be the halfway point between sadness and distress. Can acting sorrowful actually make you feel sorrow, as William James suggests? The gallery will have a sinking boat, an army of skeletons, and sculptures of masked heads, to name just a few. During the opening there will be a special marionette performance by Alex Evans and a musical performance by Tanya Haden, Petra Haden and Anna Huff.
Also, in conjunction with this show, there will be a record release party for “a puppet show,” a gatefold record documenting Steven Hull’s installation at Glow on Santa Monica Beach. The record features music by Gibby Haynes, Steven Hull, Tanya Haden, Petra Haden, Anna Huff and a story by Tony White. Record includes images from the marionette performance by Alex Evans and Eric de la Cruz and Steven Hull’s “a puppet show” as installed on stage. The record was designed by Tami Demaree and Steven Hull with an introduction by Christopher Schnieders.

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