Celesta Le Witt Gallery at UConn Health Center

Dec. 14, 2024 - Mar. 8, 2018

UConn Health 263 Farmington Ave
Farmington, 06030
PHONE 860-229-6995

Elizabeth Ann McNally Artist & Printmaker has 24 works of printmaking, collage, drawing, and painting on exhibit Dec 14th 2017- March 8th 2018 at the Celesta Le Witt Gallery at UConn Health Center. Art can be viewed 8am-9 pm.

You are invited to the Artist’s Reception on February 1st, 2018 4:30-6pm, food and wine will be served.

The Gallery is located in the Food Court for directions to UConn Health: or 860-679-2000

All sales for artwork on display at Celesta Le Witt Gallery at UConn hospital are made directly with artist only. Artist phone is 860-229-6995 (no texting), email is [email protected] and web store .

Printmaking editions are usually available in both framed and unframed versions. If you would like an unframed edition, one can be provided to you on request. All work on display is original and editions are not reproductions or created with photomechanical methods but rather created by hand in the medium of relief or intaglio printmaking.

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