Flint Institute Museum Permanent Collection

The Flint Institute of Arts

Jan. 6, 2024 - Dec. 25, 2027

1120 East Kearsley Street
Flint, Michigan 48503
PHONE 810.234.1695


…quote taken from the The Flint Institute of Arts website.  “The Flint Institute of Arts is the second largest art museum in the State of Michigan and one of the largest museum art schools in the nation. Each year, more than 160,000 people visit the FIA’s galleries (free of charge) and participate in FIA programs and services.

For more than 85 years, the FIA has been responsible for acquiring, protecting and presenting a collection of art and artifacts spanning continents and 5,000 years. The world-renowned collection, which now exceeds 8,000 objects, is significant for its depth of important European and American paintings and sculptures, 15th century to the present, and its extensive holdings of decorative and applied arts including important ethnographic study collections dating back five millennia.

The FIA promotes the power of the visual arts by providing lifelong learning opportunities to engage and educate a diverse regional audience. The FIA is committed to making art available, approachable, and accessible to all through a broad range of interpretive programs that allow multiple ways of accessing information on the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions through guided tours; lectures and community dialogues; art classes, workshops and studio demonstrations; gallery, studio, and outreach programs for PreK-12, Head Start and homeschool students; films and videos; print, audio, and multimedia resources. Films and videos shown in the FIA’s 330 seat Theater are selected to appeal to three distinct audiences: adults, college students, and senior citizens. Printed exhibition and collection catalogues, gallery guides, school brochures, audio guide entries, and online resources are produced to enhance educational opportunities for the broadest possible audience.”

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