Noyes Museum Permanent Collection

Noyes Museum of Art, Stockton University

Jan. 3, 2024 - Dec. 30, 2027

733 Lily Lake Road
Oceanville, New Jersey 08231
Phone: (609) 652-8848

…quote taken from the Noyes Museum of Art website.  “In 2010, Stockton University entered into a collaboration with The Noyes Museum of Art that is beneficial to students and enthusiasts of the arts, as well as the university, museum and the entire southern New Jersey region. Stockton is home to one of the area’s top performing arts centers, and has its own art gallery; its visual arts program is also growing and a new Bachelor of Fine Arts degree has recently been added. Through Communications Studies, Historical Studies, Language and Culture Studies, Literature and Philosophy, Stockton is serving the arts and humanities in southern New Jersey. The partnership with the Noyes Museum is a natural extension of Stockton’s commitment to the area’s cultural scene.

Today, The Noyes Museum maintains our founders’ dedication to preserving, highlighting, interpreting, and celebrating the arts through dynamic locations in South Jersey.”

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