Muriel Hasbun : The Community Blackboard / Lab Gallery

Brentwood Arts Exchange

Jan. 14, 2024 - Mar. 9, 2019

3901 Rhode Island Avenue
Brentwood, 20722
PHONE 301.277.2863

Interactive Artist Talk: Saturday, February 23, 2 pm

In Documented: The Community Blackboard, artist and educator Muriel Hasbun invites the public to post their family photos and write their own migration story onto the museum walls. Along with a collage-like bilingual sound piece that weaves together Hasbun’s own reflections on migration as gathered from oral testimonies and other aural impressions recorded in El Salvador, Documented is conceived as a space for dialogue beyond borders, and for the sharing of individual and collective memory through family photos and documents. It is a space where individuals can express their allegiance to multiple languages, cultures and places, and where the past and the present are neither erased nor left undocumented.

This exhibition is produced in collaboration with Casa de La Cultura El Salvador.

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