Mother Earth Virtual Art Exhibition

Loretta Kaltenhauser Contemporary Fine Art

Jun. 26, 2024 - Jul. 2, 2020

705 Westwood Drive
Cobourg, K9A 4N3
PHONE 905.377.0287

Loretta Kaltenhauser is an award winning, contemporary Canadian artist. Beginning her artistic journey later in life, Kaltenhauser brings discipline and life experience to her art. Using a bold mix of styles , Loretta’s work ranges from sleek and contemporary to weathered and organic. By skillfully layering acrylic paint using various brushes, palette knives and scrapers, her pieces have alluring textures and a captivating sense of depth.

The ‘ Mother Earth ‘ Virtual exhibition is a combination of artwork from Kaltenhauser’s Abstract/Realism and Sky, Middle Earth and Underworld series.

In the first series, Loretta adds a touch of realism to her abstract landscapes in the form of homes, abandoned gas stations, etc. to show her love of open spaces, peace and solitude.
In the Sky, Middle Earth and Underworld series, her ulterior purpose was to capture this threefold interrelationship in all its’ manifest colours and configurations.

Loretta’s goal is not to document subjects or make statements, but to make an emotional connection with the viewer allowing them to explore their spirit as well. Her paintings are in several private collections in Canada, the United States, Europe and the UK.

In her own words: “ My hope is that with each of my representations, the dialogue between observer and artistic conception would be unbounded and unending, concrete yet mysterious, all the while inviting a stream of consciousness that transcends plain sight and mere intellectuality. “

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