More Fish Than Usual & 16 on Center

Boston Sculptors Gallery

Aug. 29, 2024 - Sep. 30, 2018

486 Harrison Avenue
Boston, 02118
PHONE 617-482-7781

Boston Sculptors Gallery is pleased to present two concurrent solo shows, 16 on Center by Amy Archambault & More Fish Than Usual by Peter DeCamp Haines

Amy Archambault’s solo exhibition: 16 on Center, features an immersive installation which explores the creation of constructed space through the lens of the artist’s roles as a mother and home renovator. 16 on Center conjures a sense of place that shifts its perception, pivoting between the artist’s childhood memories, adult experiences, and her young son’s encounters and discoveries.

Peter DeCamp Haines’ exhibition More Fish Than Usual continues the artist’s exploration of the formal aspects of sculpture in an abstract “modernist” style. Modeling additively, Haines searches for shapes that feel right to his aesthetic, which favors geometry, negative space, the compound curve, and clean silhouette. Haines meticulously crafts his sculptures, carving the bronzes after casting, refining the forms until they are true. These are objects made for the hand as well as for the eye.

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