Michael Pinette Sculpture

Marlborough Arts Center

Aug. 22, 2024 - Dec. 31, 2016

231 North Main Street
Marlborough, 06447
(860) 295-9389


The Marlborough Arts Center has a Michael PInette sculpture in place in the ART PARK next to the main building at 231 North Main Street in Marlborough, CT. Michael Pinette, who created his first sculpture 20 years ago, has been a fabricator in the structure steel business for over 40 years. He says that “Fabricating has been my livelihood; sculpting has been my passion”.
His work has abstract themes, displaying the beauty and intrinsic qualities of common steel in its purest form and are inspired by the organic world. He uses a few simple tools and techniques. He uses a torch to cut the steel and heat it for bending, an assortment of grinders and files for shaping and finishing, a welder for putting it together, and a sandblaster to prep the sculptures before they are put outside to weather. It is one of these weathered steel sculptures that now resides in the ART PARK, where it graces the wooded area surrounding it.
The Marlborough Arts Center is a non-profit regional center for the arts that bought the adjoining lot last year to preserve its tree-lined nature and to create an ART PARK and sculpture gardens within them.

Marlborough Arts Center

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