Michael Dinges / Algorithms Are The Utensils We Use To Devour Each Other

Aron Packer Projects, Living Room Gallery

Feb. 16, 2024 - Mar. 30, 2019

1530 W. Superior
Chicago, 60642
P: 773.458.3150


Algorithms Are The Utensils We Use To Devour Each Other
New Dead Mac Laptops / Michael Dinges
Show Location: Living Room Gallery / 1530 W. Superior

Artist’s Reception: Saturday, February 16th, 6 to 9 PM
Show Dates: February 16th – March 30, 2019
Show Hours: Saturdays noon to 5 PM. All other times by appointment

In advance of his upcoming show, A Scarecrow at the Crossroads of an Epoch, at the South Bend Museum of Art, we are pleased to present a new series of engraved and painted dead mac laptops by Michael Dinges. Completing the exhibition, we will include all extant laptops not in private collections to date. Notes on Dinges’ agenda follow.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining and surveillance are just part of the dramatic change that we are confronted with today. What do we give away when we are seduced and distracted by our devices? In his upcoming show entitled “Algorithms Are The Utensils We Use To Devour Each Other,” Michael Dinges challenges us to confront our devotion to our devices as they simultaneously connect us while also alienating us. What do we lose when we trade our autonomy for flattery and convenience? In all his work Dinges asks, “Is this what you wanted? Are these the results you expected?”
Michael Dinges’ drawings, sculpture and engraved objects utilize images of container ships, trade goods, and American iconic imagery and slogans to re-enforce, subvert and explore contemporary ideas of what it’s like to live in the whirlwind of globalization. His work is influenced by the engraving techniques of scrimshaw and also of trench art which was done in WWI and WWII. Dinges received his Bachelor’s degree from the Art Center College of Design in 1982 and his Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Chicago in 2005. He has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions in Chicago, Detroit, New York, Miami, as well as Vancouver B.C. and in Japan. He has received an Artists Fellowship Award from the Illinois Arts Council as well as a residency at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center Arts/Industry Program.

A portion of sales will be donated to a charity to be determined by Living Room Gallery at the end of 2019.

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