Metamorphoses: Ovid According to Wally Reinhardt

Grey Art Gallery, NYU

Jan. 9, 2024 - Apr. 6, 2019

100 Washington Square East
New York, 10003
PHONE 212.998.6780

Metamorphoses: Ovid According to Wally Reinhardt is the largest solo museum exhibition of this New York-based octogenarian artist. Since the 1980s, Reinhardt has exclusively depicted scenes from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, creating vivid, whimsical illustrations in colored pencil, watercolor, and gouache that recount the Roman poet’s time-honored myths. From a deformed figure staring at her reflection in Medusa Regarding the Head She is About to Lose to the demise of the grotesque, labyrinth-dwelling monster in Theseus Slays the Minotaur, Reinhardt portrays these classic tales with wickedly satirical wit and cheeky captions. While elaborate, decorative borders can reference ancient Roman frescoes and mosaics, he also imbues his works with a modern-day spin. Organized by the Grey Art Gallery, Metamorphoses features some 50 scenes from the series comprising more than 200 works, and will be accompanied by an illustrated catalogue. The exhibition will also coincide with the conference “Ovid and Art,” taking place April 4, 2019, organized by NYU’s Center for Ancient Studies in collaboration with the Grey Art Gallery and the Department of Art History.

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