Melting, Overflowing, Shifting….

Fort Worth Community Arts Center

Jun. 1, 2024 - Jun. 28, 2018

1300 Gendy Street
Fort Worth, 76107-4036

“Melting, overflowing, shifting….” is an exhibit of ceramic sculptures featuring Wijk’s latest body of work. Her non-representational sculptures are rooted in figuration; they are biomorphic, straddling the line between different life forms, suggesting partial bodies, animals, and botanical elements. They are a result of the artist’s continuous effort to bring together different aspects of her visual vocabulary.

Wijk’s latest body of work addresses existential issues that mankind face, from climate change and subsequent alternations to the Earth’s landscape, to massive waves of immigration that challenge people’s notion of how they perceive their identity, and the one of their communities.

Wijk’s sculptures force the viewer to face objects that are familiar but at the same time otherworldly, sometimes even repulsive. They suggest that we as humans have to come to terms with the fact that “different” and “foreign” does not always mean ugly, dangerous and evil.

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