Megan Sterling: Thresh/hold


Oct. 5, 2024 - Oct. 29, 2014

1637-1643 West Howard Street
Chicago, Illinois 60626

ROMAN SUSAN ANNEX is a new series of off-site programing that activates underutilized resources, including retail and domestic spaces in Rogers Park. The first ANNEX location is in the Howard Theatre building at 1637-1643 West Howard Street, Chicago, IL 60626.

Megan Sterling: Thresh/hold
October 5, 2014 – October 29, 2014

Thresh/hold focuses specifically on the point of contact of hands and feet to explore expansive aspects of liminal space, longing and confrontation of the body. The work utilizes gesture and implied pressure (or lack thereof) to generate a physical tension that transcends to the psychological. The artist uses scale and space to create suggestive scenarios, causing initial impressions to be shifted by the peculiar suggestions of the fragmented limbs. Concentration on the disembodied limbs is significant in proposing conflicting functions as anonymous yet strangely personified and individual.

Hailing from Idaho, Megan Sterling has been established in Chicago since 2005, coming here to pursue her Master of Fine arts in Studio arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago after receiving her BFA in printmaking from Boise State University. She taught at Harrington College of Design for five years before branching off to work more independently as an artist and teacher. She exhibits her prints and large-scale drawings regularly in Chicago and across the country including New York, Cleveland, Boise, Portland, and St. Louis.

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