May I…? ArtShow


May. 6, 2024 - May. 14, 2021

220 E 23rd street
New York, 10010

StartaArta, New York City: StartaArta opens the “May I…?” art show reflecting the artists’ emotions during the unprecedented year behind us.

StartaArta, a NYC-based art organization that supports artists, opens the new art show “May I…?” It’s based on the selected submissions from the open call for artists running in March and April 2021.

The “May I…?” is not just another art show. It’s a collaborative, and in a way – it’s a co- curatorial – project, where artists were invited to complete the title of the show. Curators Markus Holtby, Sabrina Puppin, Oxana Kovalchuk and Juan Bravo welcomed artists to engage in the creative challenge by adding a verb, or phrase which best completes the question “MAY I __?” based on their emotions, feelings and insight developed during the past year.

Through “May I…?” art show curators hope to praise the power of the individual and the collective human spirit, and our capacity to endure. The exhibition will show presentations of contemporary art through different mediums and expressions. The show will honor contemporary artists displaying the meaning and mood of the times.
The show’s title “May I…?” will highlight artistic creative intention.

Artists selected for the “May I…?” art show:

Eliza Boyer, Yam Chew Oh, Michael Connors, Helen Denisevich, Jeong Hur, LiLi Jackson, Xianglong Li, Coco Ma, John Manno, Carlos Enrique Martinez Ramos, Kellyann Monaghan, Raisa Nosova, Anthony Reamer, Bethany Robinson, Hannah Fitzgerald, Lynnette Therese Sauer, Caren Jo Shapiro, Linda Streicher, Zac Thompson & Michelle Girardello.

An opening reception will be held on Thursday May 6, 2021 6-8:30 pm at StartaArta exhibition space, 220 E 23rd Street, Manhattan, NY. The exhibition will run from May 6 through May 14, 2021.

*** StartaArta is a movement supporting artists in New York City. StartaArta’s mission is to provide a display space for artists at all levels of their career. The organization fosters an environment of trust where artists can share their art, gain exposure to new opportunities and make connections to different communities and industries. StartaArta is an organization for artists run by artists. It was founded by artists, and School of Visual Arts’ MFA 2019 graduates Oxana Kovalchuk, Markus Holtby, Sabrina Puppin, Juan Bravo. StartaArta organizes art exhibitions, panel discussions on the future of art, various projects to support artists, and more. StartaArta’s gorgeous exhibition space is located within the Starta Accelerator, in the heart of the Flatiron bustling business district with easy access to transportation. This crossover provides a forum for a new type of collaboration where art meets business.

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