Matthew Kluber “Split Infinitive”

David Richard Gallery

Sep. 29, 2024 - Oct. 22, 2021

211 East 121st Street
New York, 10035
PHONE 212 882-1705

David Richard Gallery is pleased to present Split Infinitives by Matthew Kluber in his fourth exhibition with the gallery. This selection of six paintings, each measuring 30 x 40 inches, is comprised of smaller scale artworks for Kluber and created from a more reductive approach. Previously, his paintings also included a custom software program digitally projected onto a similar, but larger painted aluminum support, whereby the novel interface of the painted surface and the ever-changing projected digital imagery created the final “slow moving” painting and visual experience.

Kluber’s artwork has all been an exploration of color through various formal approaches, sizes and media. This newest smaller series of paintings is another such investigation with a narrower focus and palette. Each painting is comprised of three colors: a ground and two different sets of thin horizontal stripes. The small size, reductive palette and approach (back to basics with the use of line) creates a powerful optical experience and perceptual effect. The horizontal stripes of varying lengths generate illusory vertical bands of color through the masterful use of color adjacency and thoughtful spacing of the horizontal vertical lines that together, creates value shifts and the illusory vertical bands of color.

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