Markus Linnenbrink: The First One is Crazy; The Second One is Nuts

Wasserman Projects

Sep. 25, 2024 - Dec. 15, 2015

3434 Russell Street
Detroit, Michigan 48207

The exhibition features a site-specific installation created by German-born, Brooklyn-based artist Markus Linnenbrink in collaboration with Miami Beach¬–based architect Nick Gelpi. The installation integrates the artist’s painting strategies with the architect’s form-making process to create an immersive, interactive environment. This synthesis serves to blur boundaries and find possibilities for new experiences between art and architecture.

Visitors will be able to walk around the installation, peer inside through small punctures, and linger inside the object itself. The interior space is painted by Linnenbrink in glossy, vibrantly hued parallel stripes that run across the walls, ceilings and floors transforming it into a 3-dimensional, walk-all-over painting.

The installation is designed to open up along a central split and be used as an acoustical venue for music performances. In addition, a selection of Linnenbrink’s works on paper will be on view in the gallery.

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