‘Marge Dalenius, Eileen Horwitz and Marcia Newren: Painting, Glass, Assemblage’ and ‘Barnet Fain and Elizabeth Bonner Zimmerman: Variations on a Theme’

Providence Art Club

Jan. 1, 2024 - Apr. 29, 2011

11 Thomas Street
Providence, Rhode Island 2903


Exhibitions April 10 – April 29, 2011
Opening Receptions April 10, 2011 from 2-4pm
Gallery Hours Monday through Friday 12-4pm; Saturday and Sunday 2-4pm
Galleries Closed Sunday, April 24, 2011

Marjory Dalenius, Eileen Horwitz and Marcia Newren: Painting, Glass, Assemblage

In “Painting, Glass, Assemblage,” artists Marjory Dalenius, Eileen Horwitz and Marcia
Newren bring together a blend of media and styles. The topically driven glass sculptures of Marcia Newren contrast opaque colors, focusing attention on formal suggestion. In her latest body of work, Newren reforms and manipulates sheet glass, glass rods, hand pulled stringer, glass frit and powders using a number of hot and cold working techniques. Newren holds a master’s degree in anthropology
from the University of Colorado, where she specialized in prehistoric architecture and was also involved in archaeological excavations and the resulting publications of work in the Southwestern United States, Canada and Mexico. She worked for six years as the studio assistant to Emily Brock, an internationally recognized glass sculptor. She attended Pilchuck Glass School and also studied at the studio of the Corning Glass Museum. Through Pilchuck Glass School, Newren was nominated for the Corning Award. She now lives in Corrales, New Mexico, where she works full time as a glass
artist. Newren’s mother, Marjory Dalenius, is also an accomplished artist. Dalenius constructs her mixed media assemblages from found objects, breathing new life into recycled articles. Her whimsical creations recombine and reconfigure materials to create surprising and often amusing contexts. Dalenius attended Cornell University and the Rhode Island School of Design. She is a longtime artist member and former gallery coordinator of the Providence Art Club. Her work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions throughout the years. Completing this trio of artists is the vibrant work of Eileen Horwitz. Horwitz has been involved in the arts in different capacities for many years, as an art history major, an interior decorator, a principal in a design arts firm and an arranger of silk flowers. It was not until she
attended a class at the Handicraft Club almost a decade ago, however, that she began working with watercolors. Since that time, she has explored creating pieces in this medium, drawing inspiration for subject matter from her travels abroad.

Barnet Fain and Elizabeth Bonner Zimmerman: Variations on a Theme

‘Variations on a Theme’ combines the diverse printmaking styles of artists Barnet Fain and Elizabeth Bonner Zimmerman. Barnet Fain’s work reflects his interest in creating a metamorphosis in form. He initially creates a traditional black and white print from a single image and gradually builds a new idea from the addition of monoprint techniques and additional solarplates, while still retaining a sense of the original.
Fain is a member of the Goddard Partridge Studio, The Pawtucket Art Association and
Imago Gallery. His work has been exhibited at Gallery 297, Bristol Community College in Fall River, Imago Gallery in Warren, the Barrington Library, the Rhode Island Hospital, as well as at the Providence Art Club. Prior to, and following his retirement from business, Fain was active in a variety of nonprofit activities, including positions as chairs of the Rhode Island School of Design, The Miriam Hospital, Lifespan, and The Rhode Island State Council on the Arts. Complimenting Fain’s works are the prints of Elizabeth Bonner Zimmerman. For years Zimmerman has enjoyed watching birds recycle disintegrating pieces of the blue tarpaulin that covered the woodpile in her yard. She found the patterns and images so intriguing that it inspired
her to recycle some of the old pieces into new creations. The printing process has been her avenue for this “recycling.” Exploring different combinations of processes has led her to use the viscosity technique, blocking out areas with stencils, and a greater use of transparent mediums. Printing different pieces of the tarp and reprinting them to allow positive and negative images to interweave
created compositions that gradually evolved with successive layers.
Zimmerman has exhibited her works in numerous local exhibitions. A former art educator at Moses Brown School and in the Providence Public Schools, she now instructs printmaking classes at the Providence Art Club. Zimmerman is a member of Art League of Rhode Island, Printmakers Network of Southern New England and Wickford Art Association, among other organizations.

Founded in 1880 to stimulate the appreciation of art in the community, the Club has long been a place for artists and art patrons to congregate, create, display and circulate works of art. Located along Thomas Street, in the shadow of the First Baptist Church, the Providence Art Club is a picturesque procession of
historic houses, home to studios, galleries and the clubhouse. Through its public programs, its art instruction classes for members and its active exhibition schedule, the Providence Art Club continues a tradition of sponsoring and supporting the visual arts in Providence and throughout Rhode Island.


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