Love, Joy, Peace

Able Fine Art NY Gallery

Sep. 15, 2024 - Sep. 28, 2017

143B Orchard Street
New York, 10002-3103
PHONE 212-477-1188

Able Fine Art NY Gallery is proud to present “Love, Joy, Peace”, a solo exhibition of artist Suk Yang. The exhibition will be comprised of Suk Yang’s bright and cheerful paintings, which allow a deeper comprehension of cohabitation between humans and the atmosphere. The jovial colors seen in her work are meant to lift the beholder’s spirits whilst the content is spiritually grounding.

Born in Gwangju, South Korea, Suk Yang progressed her art through training at Ho-Nam University, specializing in painting. She has gained experience by exhibiting her work in Seoul, Busan, and New York, as well as participating in various art fairs in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Koln. She has been praised for the serenity found and communicated throughout her work, with symbols of peace and exuberance, such as flowers, wind, children, and clouds; the elements that she believes nature has shown us, the parts of life which bless us with light and positivity.

The exhibition features her most recent works, such as Dream Trees, C Chord (C, E, G), Peace, and Travel. As the titles of her works imply, Suk Yang creates a melodic symbiosis between nature, music, universality, and harmonious humanity. Dream Trees depict the fusion of trees and human beings, ranging in color, to show us the spectrum of tones of Mother Earth and the people living in it. “C Chord (C, E, G)” visually represents the sound made by the environment around us, reminding us that our surroundings are miraculous music to our ears. The invigorating content of Suk Yang’s energetic paintings coincides with her belief that it is vital for us to embrace youth, for children are the keepers of the peace and the eternal dreamers, grounded spiritually and in touch with the universe.

“My work as an artist will not end until the day comes that this world is brightened by the smiles and laughter of children,” states Suk Yang. Thus, her artwork goes beyond aesthetic beauty and into that of humanitarianism. Through this exhibition, she invites you to be merry and strengthen your bond with the surrounding world we live in.

Able Fine Art NY Gallery has a long history of introducing exceptional emerging and established international artists to the New York audience. By recognizing young talents that retain and embrace traditions yet express them through original and exciting voices, Able Fine Art NY Gallery seeks to create a bridge between times and cultures.

Hours: Weds.-Sun. 11-6,
For information contact [email protected] or call 212-477-1188.

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