Lost in Translation Too

JoAnne Artman Gallery

Apr. 15, 2024 - Jun. 30, 2015

326 N Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, California 92651



JoAnne Artman Gallery, Presents in the Main Gallery:
“Lost in Translation Too” A Group Exhibition
Featuring Anja Van Herle, Alberto Murillo, Anthony Hunter, and Pedro Bonnin
April 1, 2015 – June 30, 2015
Artist Reception: June 4th, 2015 from 6-8pm to coincide with Laguna Beach ArtWalk
Please RSVP: 949.510.5481 by June 1st, 2015

Lost in Translation Too

“Lost in Translation Too” is a dynamic showcase of international contemporary artists Anja Van Herle, Alberto Murillo, Anthony Hunter, and Pedro Bonnin. Though the styles represented in this exhibition range from abstract expressionism to hyperrealism, these artists all incorporate influences from their home cultures into works that transcend the barriers of geography and language.
Belgian-born artist Anja Van Herle is known for her oversized renditions of female faces. Inspired by fashion, beauty marketing and her training in classical painting, Van Herle creates iconic and provocative pieces that invite the viewer to question ideals of feminine beauty and identity.
Alberto Murillo, hailing from Spain, creates vibrant fields of color and texture in his layered resin works. Inspired by the architecture and moods of Spain and Latin America, Murillo’s abstract fields of color evoke the memory of places, from calming seascapes to the vibrant maelstrom of cities.
British painter Anthony Hunter delivers a fresh take on abstract expressionism creating works that are both emotionally powerful and visually captivating. Hunter, who has been immersed in the art world as an art fabricator for Damien Hirst, is known for his energetic compositions, unexpected palettes, and innovative use of materials.
Mexico-city based artist Pedro Bonnin is remarkable for his handling of oil paint, but what further distinguishes him is his rare ability to conjure moods. Bonnin is fascinated by darkly humorous subjects that frequently border on the absurd, like fantastical tableaus of sharply dressed urbanites juxtaposed against irrational spaces.
While Van Herle, Murillo, Hunter, and Bonnin all have roots abroad, their international success proves that fine art resonates universally.

These artists will inspire, provoke, engage and mesmerize. With visual perceptions always changing, peek behind the stories told and you’re sure to find the right artistic expression!

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