Curtis Gallery, New Canaan Library

May. 3, 2024 - Jun. 17, 2018

151 Main Street
New Canaan, 06840
PHONE 203-594-5003

Vibrant colors, shapes and patterns sweep across the canvasses, not unlike the sweep of a hand, representing and reflecting the arc – or lineage – of one’s life experience. “Lineages”, a visually arresting joint exhibition, features art by Kathy Draper and Aisha Nailah.

Though vastly different in subject, color palette and intensity, the commonality in Draper and Nailah’s work lies in the use of shapes and the repetition of patterns. Whether it’s Draper’s focus on the patterns of nature, or Nailah’s reflections on the experience of being an African American woman in America, their art allows the artist to speak directly to the viewer.

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