Les Biller

Rosamund Felsen Gallery

Jun. 27, 2024 - Aug. 8, 2015

1923 S Santa Fe Ave #100
Los Angeles , California 90021
310 828 8488


Informed by the vibrant pacific sunlight in Los Angeles & Hawaii, and the intrigues of visiting China & living in Japan, Les Biller presents his 3rd exhibition of representational, landscape & abstract paintings with Rosamund Felsen Gallery.

Verbose in vigor and voluptuous in verve, these robust works brim over with activity & commotion. Portraiture, still life & landscape coalesce with cubist composition & Matissean sensuality while distinctive people, jocular animals, succulent foliage & lush objects are rendered in decadent interiors & extravagant exteriors. Some of these subjects are sourced from real life whereas others are authored from the imagination. Chimes of colors radiate as movement springs from quickness of brush, all the while rendering unique feelings of perception, light, foreground & depth.

In variance, reflective & solitary, watercolor mountain landscapes align with a separate series of abstract works from his past to backlight this latest exhibition.

Les Biller was invited into the gallery’s roster in 2014. He held teaching positions at UCLA from 1964-1975 as well as University of Hawaii from 1975-1980, has received awards from LA County Museum Annual Prize as well as a Fullbright Grant. His one-artist exhibitions include shows at College of the Canyons, Santa Clarita, CA; State Foundation of Culture & the Arts, Honolulu; Contemporary Arts Center, Honolulu; Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara; & Frederick Wight Gallery, UCLA to name a few.

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