Lee Kit: Skin

Jane Lombard Gallery

Sep. 15, 2024 - Oct. 29, 2016

518 W. 19th Street
New York, 10011
(212) 967-8040


‘I only wonder what would someone feel if his/her secrets and guilt have been revealed. And how do we feel when we see everything ‘underneath the skin?’

–Lee Kit

Jane Lombard Gallery is pleased to present Lee Kit’s third solo exhibition in New York. The exhibition, entitled Skin, will feature new works by the artist, including paintings, projections, and objects, that continue a reflection on the quiet intimacy and privacy of domestic space.

Skin is inspired by Lee Kit’s work entitled Skin (the secret) included in his first US solo museum exhibition Hold your breath, dance slowly, currently on view at the Walker Art Center (through October 9, 2016). The familiar ‘stuff’ of daily life become silent foils for the individual experience. Throughout his practice, Lee Kit engages the quotidian in order to evoke the transcendent and unspeakable: desire, loss, and vulnerability.

Recently, Lee Kit has been intuitively examining negative emotions and desire; perhaps stemming from a sense of helplessness in the wake of a troubled global situation and the profound uncertainty in his native Hong Kong. However, this show is decidedly apolitical. Instead, Lee Kit calmly exposes the small moments that occur between and within, yet resolutely distinct from, catastrophe. He peels back the ‘skin’ of the day-to-day, a disclosure at once violent, slow, and poignant.

Lee Kit’s work does not permit pretention, easy answers, or simple summaries. Rather, these seemingly unassuming works haunt the space, veiling and unveiling in equal measure. They draw our attention, gently and urgently, to the connections that exist beneath the surface of our world, our lives, our bodies, and our relationships.

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