Laura Watt “Hide and Seek”

David Richard Gallery

Feb. 24, 2024 - Mar. 19, 2021

211 East 121st Street
New York, 10035
PHONE 212-882-1705

David Richard Gallery is pleased to present the gallery’s first solo exhibition for New York artist, Laura Watt. The presentation, Hide and Seek, focuses on two related series of paintings that explore geometry in very different ways. Both series rely on formal elements of lines and modified grids with centrally situated canvas-filling compositions rooted in similar concepts and inspirations. The earlier series painted in 2016, Open Ceiling, includes 6 square canvases each comprised of a grid composition and vector geometry reminiscent of Mandalas and intricate spider webs. The paintings are 30 x 30 inches square in mostly neutral palettes of black, grey, white and brown with only two canvases having the color red and/or blue. The paintings in the more recent Hide series were painted from 2018 through 2021. The lines are curvilinear with fluid and irregular grid structures that pull loosely toward the four corners of rectangular shaped canvases, evocative of large nets or animal hides. The paintings in the Hide series measure 36 x 60 inches or 44 x 70 inches and each explores a distinct and wide range of colors from bright and vivid to dark and moody.

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