Krysten Cunningham: Procession of a Rectangle


Jan. 23, 2024 - May. 8, 2015

8687 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90069

“Procession of a Rectangle” seeks to illuminate the deeply intertwined relation- ship between vision and cognition through six new jute drawings applied on pan- els and directly to the walls of the gallery as “wall reliefs.” Using a meticulous process of winding hand-dyed jute string around a grid of nails, Cunningham cre- ates the illusion of rotating forms in space. Each rectangle in the “procession” represents a different vantage point from which the viewer can perceive the ob- ject in free floating space, exploring the X, Y, Z axis and the infinite variability of computer modeling on the one hand, and the physicality of line, material, and color on the other.

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