Kitchen Stories: Landscapes in a Professional Kitchen, works by Susan Callahan

Rehoboth Art League

Apr. 1, 2024 - May. 1, 2022

12 Dodds Lane
Rehoboth Beach, 19971
PHONE 302 227-8408

“Life as a chef is imagined as creative and glamorous because we see the life of many celebrities chefs on TV and hosting great parties or even cruises. This series is a love letter to the cooks who work everyday in kitchen’s, it tells the story of women and men who make thousands of meals for millions of people everyday and we never know who they are. The work is digitally printed photographs from my kitchen, as well as a few friends who work as chefs. The work is printed onto cotton, then hand painted and machine stitched. The series starts early in the day in a kitchen and tells of the daily activities of working on the production line. The series is primarily black and white to resonate with the stainless steel landscape of a commercial kitchen.”

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