Karen Halt “When Your Dreams Are Bigger Than You Are”, Group Show: 13th Annual Ceramics Invitational, Craig Clifford “Wisconsin Bird Project”

Artisan Gallery

Sep. 9, 2024 - Oct. 30, 2016

6858 Paoli Road
Paoli, 53508
(608) 845-6600


Karen Halt: When Your Dreams Are Bigger Than You Are

Halt’s detailed paintings create a theatrical backdrop for her animal and human cast of characters to play out her invented dramas. The animals leave their normal environments to become gracious visitors to our human world. These inspired works attempt to bridge the gap between what is natural and what is civilized.

13th Annual Ceramics Invitational:

Participating Artists: Karl Borgeson, Sandra Byers, Paul Donnelly, Delores Fortuna, Stephanie Galli, Gerit Grimm, Rick Hintze, Tom Jaszczak, Joanne Kirkland, Brian Kluge, Debbie Kupinsky, Marlene Miller, Rachelle Miller, Ryan Myers, Peter Pincus, Jose Sierra, New for 2016: Christa Assad, Jimmy Clark, Julia Galloway, Didem Mert, Matt Repsher, and Taylor Robenalt

In the Cooler: Wisconsin Bird Project- Craig Clifford

Clifford describes the act of birding as a way to draw out hidden elements within the landscape. Based in the Fox River Valley, the artist has kept birding journals as a documentation of his time spent observing the Wisconsin landscape. These journals not only document the birds he finds, but also serve as a jumping off point for Clifford’s ceramic works. His sculptures include portraits of the many birds he finds on his excursions and serve to mark a moment in time when a particular bird was found in a specific place.


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