“KA-POW! When Comics Imperiled America”

Flinn Gallery

Mar. 19, 2024 - Apr. 29, 2015

101 W. Putnam Avenue - 2nd Floor
Greenwich, Connecticut 6830


In light of recent events in Paris, the Flinn Gallery’s exhibit ‘KA-POW…When Comics Imperiled America’, is timely and compelling. From March 19 to April 29 viewers will have access to Robert Reiner’s collection of vibrant, original cells from EC Comics drawn in the early 1950’s by illustrators like Reed Crandall, Al Williamson, Jack Davis, Harvey Kurtzman and Bernard Krigstein. While experiencing the visceral appeal of the actual drawings rather than seeing them in the familiar, pulp, tabloid form, visitors can expand their understanding of the role of artistic censorship by social and governmental conservatives who feared that these comics would corrupt the minds and morals of the generation maturing in the era that followed WW II.
An opening reception will be held on Thursday evening March 19th from 6-8pm in the gallery on the second floor of Greenwich Library… all are welcome.
This event is an unusual event since the collection is “on loan” and no works are for sale. Joann Terracciano, Yvette Kahn and Barbara McGuigan are the curators for the exhibit. The gallery is sponsored by the Friends of Greenwich Library. ‘KA-POW’ is on view through April 29 and the gallery is open Mon – Sat 10-5pm, Thursdays until 8pm and Sundays from 1-5.

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