Judy Pfaff–mixed media prints and drawings

The Riverside Galleries at Garrison Art Center

Oct. 11, 2024 - Nov. 9, 2014

23 Garrison's Landing
Garrison, New York 10524


Judy Pfaff–October 11 through November 9, 2014 Reception October 11, 5 to 7pm
Judy Pfaff opens three exhibitions in October, two in Chelsea at Pavel Zoubok Gallery and Loretta Howard Gallery both on West 26th Street, and one here in The Riverside Galleries at Garrison Art Center.

In the early 1970s Judy Pfaff established her place in American art as an installation artist. Her installation work fills space with disparate objects that seem to spring from the walls and floors like a big bang, and then as if by magic freeze as a beautifully organized chaos that at once provokes and enchants viewers. During Pfaffs long career these big bangs have existed alongside her other seemingly very different creations, such as the mixed media woodcut prints that will be included in her exhibition in Garrison, New York. In these works objects collide on paper and are surprisingly like a steamrolled version of her installations–a sort of reverse bang.

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