Jesse Wright: Reverie

LatchKey Gallery

Feb. 11, 2024 - Mar. 26, 2022

173 Henry Street
New York, 10002
PHONE 646.213.9070

LatchKey Gallery is pleased to present, Jesse Wright, Reverie. Opening February 11 – March 26, 2022. Wright’s visual approach references his blended Jamaican-American heritage creating a language that addresses his ongoing allegory on displacement, migration, and scripture.

On view are a series of works created from 2019 – 2022 which forge visual circuits between historical narratives and present-day experiences. Images created from Wright’s time in Jamaica are bridged with his American life resulting in works rich in texture – layered in symbolism and meaning. Shifting from collage to geometrical patterns, to painterly gestures, Wright uses his maternal relatives as archetypes of migration. Hope, aspiration, strength, and longing are all depicted giving attention to the complexity of humanity.

Anchoring the exhibition is Dog with Boy at Night in Jamaica. Assembled by multiple panels, into a harmonious triangle, the young figure gleefully plays with his dog highlighting the divinity of everyday life. Stylistically, Wright purposely outlines his figures to reveal what lies within. Here, the boy is between two worlds, the Jamaican flag firmly over his right shoulder, and on the left and within, the symbolic guidance of the night sky. Dog with Boy at Night in Jamaica serves as a metaphor for sacrifice, the boy’s unknowing future and his ultimate loss of country, identity, and sense of home.

Throughout the exhibition, scale and style evoke the artist’s urban culture. Encoded samplings are pulled from his blended heritage, resulting in surfaces that invite a constant change in focus, and a meditation on detail. The work of Wright is an ecumenical assemblage of art history, collecting inspiration from the fervent period of the Renaissance through to the commercial symbolism of Pop Art. His visual language speaks to the tenor of our times, offering complex and diverse reverence to home.

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