Isaac Aden: Vespers and Auroras

David Richard Gallery

Sep. 9, 2024 - Oct. 4, 2020

211 East 121st Street
New York, 10035
PHONE 212-882-1705

David Richard Gallery is pleased to present its first solo exhibition for New York-based artist Isaac Aden. The presentation consists of a stun­ning series of 16 new paintings that are interrelated and produced with the same method and approach. They are reductive, ethereal and introspective paintings that formally explore tonal ranges of color in three different dimensions (nine measuring 60 x 48 inches, four at 60 x 96 inches and three additional verticals at 96 x 60 inches) and roughly in three distinct, yet related color palettes. The canvases are mostly vertical and host subtle horizontal transitions of desaturated color. The paintings are moody as they trigger those rare moments as the sun ignites a new day or gently fades into the evening. In the aggregate, the paintings capture singular moments within a day or much longer period of time. Inherently, these moments and views reference the landscape, which adds to the complexity of this series as they also read as pure color abstractions in a mostly vertical portrait format.

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