Invitation to a Rave from Mark Titchner

The Nunnery Gallery

Jul. 6, 2024 - Aug. 26, 2017

181 Bow Road

24 artists have been selected by Mark Titchner for this year’s Bow Open Show, which presents a curated selection of the charity’s studio and education artists annually. With over 500 artists working across Bow Arts’ 13 London studio sites, the exhibition is a celebration of some of the most talented artists working in London today.

Turner prize nominee Titchner is known for his attention-grabbing quasi-slogans, such as I WANT A BETTER WORLD, I WANT A BETTER inform our society, Titchner’s selection vibrates with a call to action, with artworks that engage with very current issues. A public mood of escapism is embodied in Will Reid’s milky bloodless character in Head in the sand (I can’t look anymore), while Marcus Orlandi’s Everything is Bloody Awful So I Made You this Hapless Rainbow colours feelings of helplessness with nostalgic rainbows of paper-mâché.

For the first time, the Open is also accompanied by an exhibition of young Bow Artists in the next door Carmelite Café, selected from our education department’s partner schools. The title Invitation to a Rave is borrowed from Lena Brazin’s expansive oil painting; other works include photography, print and sculpture, with all works for sale. A chance to see recent and relevant work by artists working in London today, the Bow Open is not to be missed.

Exhibiting artists: Miraj Ahmed, Nitin Amin, Kay Bainbridge, Martin Barrett, Diann Bauer Helen Bermingham, Lena Brazin, Alice Browne, Victoria Burgher, Age Creation, Franco Di Cesare, Jessica Jane Charleston, Mina Kamante, Hun Kyu Kim, Sarah Lang, Marcus Orlandi, Justin Pearce, Katarzyna Perlak, Will Reid, Hannah Thual, Geoff Titley, Antonietta Torsiello, Jaime Valtierra and Sam Wood.

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