“Insight” & “Waves and Winds”

JanKossen Contemporary

Oct. 12, 2024 - Nov. 25, 2017

529 W 20th Street
New York, 10011
PHONE 631-903-5564


Bruno Walpoth is an Italian sculptor who’s wooden, cardboard, and bronze sculptures are caught in a moment — stagnant, while also exposed and carrying the impression of vulnerability. His sculptures are honest in appearance, silently asserting their presence and commanding the space around them. Though paralyzed, these forms continue to build on the meditative tone of the exhibition, immersing the observer in a sensitive encounter.

In contrast to Walpoth’s motionless works, Ye Jin-Young is inspired by the concept of a ‘life force’ or ‘energy flow’, otherwise known as Qi. He creates his works by way of intuition, tracing memory and his own stream of consciousness to develop delicate, swirling patterns reminiscent of those found in the natural environment. The gentle repetition conceives a sense of spirituality as Jin-Young conjures landscapes of petals that seem otherworldly and yet comforting.

Though working with different mediums, the two exhibiting artists share in creating, not only an intimately meditative experience for the viewer, but in their creative process as well. Walpoth’s works range in medium from clay to bronze, but he shows a fondness for working with wood. His use of carving tools to carefully perfect details on such a delicate medium provide his sculptures with the appearance of skin-like properties. Jin-Young works to convey nature’s wondrous yet simple patterns in an equally delicate means by gently pulling and molding by hand, most often, virgin porcelain petal-like elements until they form a flowing piece of tapestry like wall art. Using the themes of wind, flower and water waves as focal point, he forces viewers to move with his works.

Bruno Walpoth was born in Bressanone, Italy in 1959. He was an apprentice to master carver Vicenzo Mussner at the age of 14 and studied under Hans Ladmer at The Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. He went on to teach at The Vocational School for Sculptors in Selva Val Gardena, Italy and founded the sculptor’s group “Trisma” with Willy Verginer and Walter Moroder. He has exhibited at major institutions and is currently being shown at Schlossmediale Werdenberg, Trento, Langenzerdorf Museum, Austria, and Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Roverto, Italy.

Ye Jin-Young was born in Chung-do, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea in 1970. He studied oriental painting at Yeongnam University, Korea, where he received a BA in Fine Art. He was the recipient of awards including the grand prize from Daegu Art Competition and the Splendorous Prize from Shilla Art Competition. He currently lives and works in Korea.

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